Neuromancer the Movie

Rumors are surfacing again that William Gibson‘s classic cyberpunk SciFi novel Neuromancer may finally be reaching the big screen.  The 1984 story—winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick awards—has had far-reaching impact on pop culture as Gibson fleshed out the ideas behind “cyberspace” and “the Matrix.” You might have heard a bout a little […]

The Holcroft Covenant

The Holcroft Covenant by Robert Ludlum My rating: 4 of 5 stars History repeats itself…unless it doesn’t. Unless we learn the lessons of history, and many times lessons are better learned in stories, mythology and tall tales. Robert Ludlum was a master of post-war mythology, spy stories and larger than life characterizations. After the 2016 […]

Hugos, Sad Puppies and the Political Theory Problem

  Do Gatekeepers keep the Barbarians beyond the walls?  Or do they keep the Sheep inside? Or put another way, what point a Gatekeeper without a Gate?  Cathy Young at Real Clear Politics notes: The latest pitched battle in science fiction is not between space pirates and alien monsters but between fandom factions, with the Hugo […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—March 5, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, Sneedsboro, North Carolina Sunday–March 5th We had a cool windy night but it came off clear and warm about 10 AM and I think we will have some better weather than we have had for a few days back. We have no marching orders this morning and I think that we […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Jan 15, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, Savannah, Georgia Sunday–Jan. 15th I was one of the detail so I had to work on the fort all day today. The weather was quite cool this morning but it was quite warm through the day. There was two soldiers burried today right here in sight of our camp. And here […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 13, 1864

Diary of Orrin Brown, Atlanta, Georgia Sunday–Nov. 13th It was verry cold last night but I sleped warm on our straw bed. There was another building burned in the City this morning. We had preaaching in camp today the text was There are many that say, who will show us any good Psalms 4 Chapt. […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 10, 1864

Diary of Orrin Brown, Atlanta, Georgia Thursday–Nov. 10th It is all quiet in Camp today. I heard that the result of yesterdays fight was that between 200 and 300 of the rebs killed & wounded & 200 taken prisoners. The object of the rebs was to get in and take a drove of Cattle that […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 8, 1864

Diary of Orrin Brown, Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday–Nov. 8th Rested pretty well last night. The weather is still cloudy but warmer than it was. My mess mate went down town this fournoon and got some Buckwheat shortcake, it had a very little cornmeal in it and it was first rate. I have found out since that […]

The Local Economy Revolution: Economic Ecosystems & the Value of Being Unique

“The Real Question isn’t whether Policy X or Trend Y will happen.  Stuff will happen.  The real question is, how do we set our communities up to thrive in a world of Macro Uncertainty.” -D.G. Rucker I’m a sucker for those big picture, MegaTrends-that-are-going-to-Rock-Your-World, blog-magazine-TEDx thingys that float all over the interwebs these days.  I […]

A Planner’s Guide to The Hunger Games

A good story sets the scene as a supporting character, as much as a necessary backdrop.  Few stories are good stories.  Most stories—like many of our modern lives—could take place anywhere, anytime.  There is no ‘there’ there. The Hunger Games, which reached the big screen in the U.S. this week, is a good story.  Its […]