The Best of the New? Or the Worst of Both Worlds? A Walk in a Hybrid Power Center

New Urbanism and neotraditional planning offers to bring the best of traditional town planning to new development.  I generally like the idea, in large part because the “new” that I’ve lived out in the suburban sprawl hasn’t stood up well.  Yet living in smaller communities that haven’t tried the idea, I can’t say how well […]

The Local Economy Revolution: Economic Ecosystems & the Value of Being Unique

“The Real Question isn’t whether Policy X or Trend Y will happen.  Stuff will happen.  The real question is, how do we set our communities up to thrive in a world of Macro Uncertainty.” -D.G. Rucker I’m a sucker for those big picture, MegaTrends-that-are-going-to-Rock-Your-World, blog-magazine-TEDx thingys that float all over the interwebs these days.  I […]

Bakken Boom May Need Timeout

Earlier this year, the USGS estimated “mean undiscovered volumes of 7.4 billion barrels of oil, 6.7 trillion cubic feet of associated/dissolved natural gas, and 0.53 billion barrels of natural gas liquids in the Bakken and Three Forks Formations in the Williston Basin Province of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.” Interesting news out of North Dakota’s […]

Optimism for Small Towns at #APA13

Special thanks to Becky McCray for fitting my guest post into her Small Biz Survival blog the first of the month.  My friends at APA STaR may also include in the Division newsletter. Oh, the stories we have to tell…  Small town and rural planning is not city planning writ small.  Yet we are also […]

Plan, Innovate, Get Local—Do More, Do It Better #apa13

Communities that want to compete in the Next Economy need to get a plan—not a fixed blueprint but a roadmap with clear priorities.  Support innovation with vibrant, mixed-use focal places and critical infrastructure.  Strengthen demand for local goods and services, and support your local workforce. About 5,000 planners gathered in Chicago last week for the […]

GreenStep Cities in the News

We’re all trying to do more with less.  Cities across Minnesota have been faced with uncertain budgets, uncertain population change, uncertain energy costs.  It’s an uncertain time. Minnesota’s GreenStep Cities program has been in the news recently, as a useful toolbox for uncertain times.  The progressive Minnesota 2020 think tank highlighted sustainability aspects of GreenStep’s […]

Marshall Recognized as Minnesota GreenStep City

I’ve been involved with the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program, through SRDC‘s staffing the SW Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs).  The League of Minnesota Cities recognized the City of Marshall and others this week at their annual meeting in flood-soaked Duluth for achieving GreenStep goals: League honors 47 Minnesota GreenStep Cities that have completed steps […]

MN Adopts Complete Streets

Governor Signs Bill To Make Minnesota Roads Safer, More Accessible Joint statement from members of the Minnesota Statewide Complete Streets Coalition including AARP, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Fresh Energy, Minnesota Environmental Partnership, and Transit for Livable Communities MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 15, 2010 – Today, a wide variety of […]

FCC Sets Drop Dead Date on Wireless Sites

Planning & zoning professionals seem to have greeted with deafening silence the FCC decision last week on wireless tower siting timelines.  The press release begins: In a Declaratory Ruling (“Ruling”) adopted today [18.11.09], the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) cleared the way for broadband deployment by establishing timeframes of 90 days for collocations and 150 days […]