JC’s Americana Top Tunes of 2011

Authenticity is not necessarily the sole province of the author.  Rather it seems writers/composers/architects/painters perform most spectacularly in the theater of the imagination—the farther they stretch, the higher they soar.  Yet I remain fixated on the authenticity of the singer-songwriter, the original artist delivering the original performance in the original package.  I mock and degrade […]

No Depression’s Crowdsourced Top 2011

My Top Tunes of 2011 is still sorting itself out (it is still 2011 through the end of next week). [Edit: JC’s Top Tunes of 2011]  No Depression‘s community ning, however, is amazingly well organized for a self-organizing successor to the successful music magazine.  The wranglers there solicited and sorted thru about 200 different best-of […]

Why I Cheer When The Yankees Lose

I love to hate the New York Yankees. Always have. This year, my love for hating the Yankees was eclipsed, slightly, by my love for cheering for the Detroit Tigers.  My first baseball game was a Detroit Tigers game with my grandpa and uncle and dad and no matter where I move, I remain loyal […]

Two Faces of Rural America

They publish some good maps over at the Daily Yonder. This week editor Bill Bishop updated the national map of unemployment for non-metropolitan counties. “Fascinating,” I’m sure you’re thinking.  Yes, i know we’ve all heard enough about the potential double-dip recession (The Ghost of the Great Reset?) to make us all nauseous, even before Wall Street […]

Justs the Facts, m'am: Economic Development Marketing for Results

I am a long-time fan of consultant Eric Canada (Blane Canada) and his firm’s periodic economic development newsletters.  I came across this bit from a couple years ago while drafting a marketing plan. ~~~Consumer world shifted…“Today, in addition to giving your customer a feeling of connectedness, you must infuse your ads with facts, details, logic and […]

Rational Man Exposed

  I’ve lurked on the Econ-Dev mailing list for many years.  Chris Gibbons runs the ground-breaking economic gardening program for Littleton, Colorado.  In an exchange yesterday, a list member (the list actually migrated to Google Groups awhile ago, but anyway…) recommended a new book called Econned, by Yves Smith.  I have no idea if the […]

The Long War

Homeland Security came into our hazard mitigation vocabulary after the horrors of 11 September 2001.  Many of us involved in mitigating the effects of natural hazards, such as flooding and drought, tornadoes and wildfire, found a world of technological hazards added to our mitigation mission.  We’ve taken on activity to prevent or minimize effects of […]