Three Ladies and a Cowboy: Buy Good Roots Music for Xmas

Black Friday. Small Biz Saturday. Sunday. Cyber Monday. Whatever Whenever. There’s no good excuse not to buy somebody you love some good music for Christmas. Or Hanukkah, Or Kwanzaa, Or Yuletide. Or Whatever. The Americana Radio Charts et al are bursting with late year releases of Roots and Traditional Country music.  New stuff is Autumn […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—March 28, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, Goldsboro, North Carolina Tuesday–Mar. 28th It was cool again last night and the day has been foggy. I wrote another letter home today. We drew clothing this AM. Jim Gifford was put on extra duty today for not going with the regt. a forageing last Sunday he was not well but […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—March 26, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, Goldsboro, North Carolina Sunday–Mar. 26th It has been a little warmer today than yerterday. Our regt. went out today to guard a forage train they had to start at 4 AM and got back at about 3 PM. We got a large mail this PM. I got 9 letters. Battle of […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—March 24, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, Goldsboro, North Carolina Sixth Part of Journal  Tuesday–Mar. 24 We still lay here behind our temporary breastworks and every little while the boys are made to dodge down their heads to keep out of the way of the shot and shell and the sharpshooters balls which are thrown in here at […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Feb 21, 1865

Diary of Orrin Brown, outside Winnsboro, South Carolina Tuesday–Feb. 21st We had a frosty night but it came off warm and nice this Morning. We left the picket line at 10 AM went to camp and was on the road at about 10.30 AM. I got into the Ambulance about noon and rode the rest […]

Transitions and Commitments: Best of the Blog 2014

This was a year of transitions and commitments.  I changed jobs, changed states, and started to follow my ancestor Pvt. Orrin Brown on his march with Gen. Sherman to the Sea.  In the new year, we’ll follow him as they turn North for home.  And I hope you’ll follow me as I explore new stories […]

Diary of Orrin Brown—Dec 19, 1864

Diary of Orrin Brown— Monday–Dec. 19th We had a nice warm night to stand Picket and it is so warm today that the boys all feel like hunting for a shady place to sit down in. I borrowed a V. B. C. Advocate of a fellow in our Company last night and have improved my […]

Where the Well Things Are

Everything we thought we knew about energy development just a few short years ago seems to have been turned on its head.  Some of this change has been caused by new technology, some by old politics; a lot by larger forces in the world around us: Over the next three decades, world energy consumption is […]

Uncle Sam Wants You… Farmers to Sign Up for Ag Census

Agricultural Leaders Ask Farmers to Sign Up and Be Counted in the 2012 Census of Agriculture Washington, June 7, 2012 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture is preparing to mail the 2012 Census of Agriculture to millions of U.S. farmers and ranchers in late December. The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms […]

Sidewalks as Service or Facility

This is a bit of inside baseball for the municipal services set, but I was intrigued this week by a post on the The Midwest Planning BLUZ: Iowa State University Extension’s Blog on Land Use and Zoning.  I started following this source during Minnesota’s recent legislative revisions to zoning variance statutes.  I struggle to say […]