Bearfoot’s Americana Story

Bearfoot is a bit of “post-bluegrass” Americana blown down to the Lower 48 from Alaska and bouncing around the West for a few years, including a Telluride win ten years ago and attendant benefits since.  They’re playing at Swallow Hill in Denver tonight, and supposed to hit Glenwood Springs and Beaver Creek this weekend before an appearance in Nashville next week.

The Bearfoot troubadours, shoeless or bruin-less as they may be, are touring in support of their new release, Bearfoot: American Story, on Compass Records.  Their single “When You’re Away” is the sexiest bit of double entendre I’ve heard in a long time.  It’s sort of of folky alt-country, sort of string-band music that reminds me of Hot Club of Cow Town‘s hot jazz vibe.  Good stuff all around, and that’s an Americana tale to tell.

p.s. You can hear some Bearfoot, along with great Canadian Americana from Cam Penner, on Freight Train Boogie Podcast #136 from a couple weeks back.


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  1. Sacha. says:

    I just LOVE that song. It’s both sexy and sweet. They’ve improved their skills on this album, compared to the last one, in my opinion. They’ve grown.

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