New Beginnings

October finds me in Wyoming, starting on a new job as a Senior Planner with Laramie County Planning and Development, in Cheyenne.

Laramie County, Wyoming, has about 92,000 residents, of whom about 60,000 live in the City of Cheyenne. Cheyenne is the state capital and hosts Warren Air Force Base at the junction of I80 and I25 on the Union Pacific railroad mainline. The County’s strong ranching and farming economy has more recently been joined by wind energy and Niobrara shale energy development.

I’m starting off with a reboot on a comprehensive plan update. I will also be getting my feet wet again in current planning–subdivision and zoning review. It’s an interesting challenge, drawing on everything I’ve learned in Minnesota and Montana, Colorado and North Dakota. And it is great to be back in Western Planner country.


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