Diary of Orrin Brown—Nov 28, 1864

Gen. Judson Kilpatrick

Diary of Orrin Brown, Louisville, Georgia

Monday–Nov. 28th

We left our Picket line this morning at 5.20 and went to Camp. We were on the road at 7 AM, we went into camp at noon about 4 miles west of Louisville and went into Camp about one mile east of town. We had about a mile of swamp to march through, the day has been beautifull. I read 2 Chapt. in the Testament today.

The second battle of Sherman’s March to the Sea was fought on 28 November 1864, when the Union and Confederate cavalry met at Buckhead Creek, outside Louisville.  Union Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick had taken his cavalry north of the left wing, making a feint towards Augusta and riding toward Millen, Georgia, in hopes of liberating Camp Lawton, the prisoner of war camp there.

Confederate Maj. Gen. Joe Wheeler took the bait, and left Sandersville in pursuit.  Learning the POW camp had been emptied, Kilpatrick returned to the left wing, only to be surprised by the Rebel cavalry early in the morning in his camp on Buck Head Creek in Jenkins County.  The advantage was short-lived, with 46 Union casualties to an estimated 600 for the Confederates.



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