2015 In Review

San Juan Mountains2015 was 150 years from the end of the Civil War, and 1 more year that I changed jobs and moved, this time back to the Centennial State of Colorado.  I started out continuing the daily journal of my ancestor Pvt. Orrin Brown, then relaxing my publishing schedule and finishing with some pretty good Americana music.  I had my busiest day ever, with 240 blog views on 16 January 2015.  Thanks for sticking around.

#1 Cheyenne-Laramie County, Wyoming, Historical Timeline:  I worked for 2 years on this keyword-rich listing of major events from 1833-1992, published before I left the Cowboy State in 2014, when it was my 2nd most popular post.  Glad to share.

#2 Diary of Orrin Brown—Dec 15, 1864:  The Battle of Nashville.  Orrin Brown was laying siege to Savannah, Georgia, while Sherman’s Union rear guard held off Confederate John Bell Hood.

#3 Where the Well Things Are #11 Bittersweet in the Bakken:  There’s Oil in them there Bakken hills (and in the Denver-Julesburg, and in the San Juan Basin…) and Natural Gas if you want it.  Even if it’s not paying out so well now days as when I wrote these posts in 2013 or even last year when one was my #1 most popular post and the other #7.

#4 Little (Lego) House on the Prairie (Style):  Perennially popular post from 2009, where Lego goes all Frank Lloyd Wright.

#5 All Things Shepard:  History meets genealogy.

#6/#1 new post Diary of Orrin Brown—March 20, 1865: Pvt. Brown joins the Battle of Bentonville, as far as I could figure the only sure time he picked up arms, and just two days before he was put on permanent disability.  The 14th Michigan Infantry held their own.

#7/#2 new post Meet Some New Friends Doing Interesting Things in Community Development: Shout-out to the good works of the Orton Foundation and Sonoran Institute.

#8/#3 new post At the Wilsall Rodeo:  In honor of Cowboy Poetry Week, I brought back my ode to the Northern Rodeo Association circuit in Big Sky Country.

#9 The Diary of Pvt. Orrin Brown: The initial post for the dairy, Marching through Georgia and the Carolinas with General Sherman.

#10 Diary of Orrin Brown—Dec 31, 1864: A keyword-rich review of the timeline of the Civil War, from 15 April 1861 to the end of 1864.

#12 Ten Albums for 2015 – Corb and Rhiannon, Bob Wills and More: My year-end review of my Top 10 Americana Albums made the dozen most-read posts in just the last two-weeks of the year.  Corb Lund, Rhiannon Giddens, Asleep at the Wheel, Ryan Bingham, James McMurtry, Jason Isbell, Gretchen Peters, Tom Russell, The Mavericks, and Nora Jane Struthers.  Great music from some good folks.

And for old time’s sake, here’s my 2014 Top Posts post.




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