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Mega-polis Times 10

The U.S. Census Bureau has released current population estimates for U.S. cities and towns.  Their PR: Ten U.S. Cities Now Have 1 Million People or More Half the Top 10 Gainers This Year in Texas San Jose, Calif., is now … Continue reading

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Kotkin and Florida: Two Sides of the Same Prosperity

How are we ever supposed to improve our economic situation if we can’t even agree on what the problems are?  Here we are, a good two-three years through the Greatest Recession/Depression/Indigestion since the 1930s and we’re still arguing about who … Continue reading

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How we've blown up our cities

Fellow Minnesotan Charles Marohn, a recovering professional engineer, blogs today on some of the changing ways that we Americans build places. It is striking how the path of our economic development and the path of our physical development are so … Continue reading

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