Brosseau: Posthumous Success

TOM BROSSEAU "Kiss My Lips" (dublab VisionVersion) from dublab on Vimeo.

Tom Brosseau is a Dakota boy working his way up in the SoCal music scene.  Think Bob Dylan channeling Jimmie Rodgers.  Tom has a new album coming out, Posthumous Success on Fat Cat Records:

Posthumous Success, Tom Brosseau’s first new album of studio material in two years and his third FatCat full length release, is conceptual, modern, playful, sometimes fun, dark, revealing. The album could be a set of stories or books on one’s shelf: the opening and closing tracks, Favourite Colour Blue – the same song – not the device of reprise, rather equal opposites or bookends.

The label’s got full track previews on the album page.  They have a video for a song that’s actually on the album on Youtube & his MySpace page, but I like the tune on the video above better.  Release is next month in the U.S./Canada, next week 11 May 09 in the UK & rest of the world.


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